We can transfer all your hanging clothes into our wardrobe cartons on the day of your removal, which means the clothes can stay full length on their hangers until reaching the new property. We prefer to take the cartons away with us at the end of the removal, but can leave them for an agreed length of time until you have wardrobe space to distribute them.

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Packing pictures and mirrors can be both tricky and very time consuming. Smaller pictures can be boxed in a very safe way, using both paper and/or bubble wrap. Larger ones need bubble wrap or sometimes are better wrapped in a blanket, and we have all the expertise to ensure their safe travel. 

One of the most stressful parts of a removal is being faced with the prospect of having to pack up your possessions, be it a house move or an office move. We can either provide you with the necessary materials for you to pack at your leisure, or we can do all the packing for you, preferably the day prior to your removal.

​Many people own items which are highly delicate and fragile, and we possess the skills to pack such items in a very safe way.

​Offering a full packing service gives you more time to do all the other things that need doing prior to your removal. Once we have packed a box, we will label it sufficiently so that you know what is in it, and it also helps us to know which room it needs to go to in your new property.

​Some people like to pack certain things themselves and for us do the remainder. This is not a problem, we can provide you with whatever boxes you require and then we will pack the remainder, for example the Kitchen or all fragile items.

...and STORAGE too !

Tel : ​​​​​​​​​07468 603079

​Email : info@jw-removals.com